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Separation Processes - Liquid extraction

02.  - 04. September 2015


Summer School

Separation Processes - Liquid Extraction: Practice and Theory


  Kaiserslautern, 2 - 4 September 2015



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Organization: Prof. Dipl.-Ing., Dr. tech. H.J. Bart


Guaranteed access to metals is a major issue when it comes to boosting European industry. However, long term trends clearly indicate that the resources we can extract (be they primary or secondary) show decreasing yields and increasing complexity (polymetalism). In this context extractive metallurgy has to resort to more and more complex processes in order to get the best value out of these resources. Hydrometallurgy with its diverse approaches can contribute to this collective effort.

The purpose of this summer school, which is aimed at PhD students or young professionals, is to exemplify different hydrometallurgical techniques (extraction, precipitation and solvent recovery) and to get a fundamental understanding on economically effective process steps.

Course programme

  • Principles of separation processes
  • Basic principles of reactive extraction
  • Thermodynamics of extraction
  • Lab experiments (LEE-Pulsed column)
  • Lab experiments (LEE-mixer-settler)
  • Chemical precipitation
  • Computer exercise extraction
  • Column design using a population balance tool
  • COCO divieded wall column

Venue: TU Kaiserslautern/Lehrstuhl für Thermische Verfahrenstechnik, Building 44, 67653 Kaiserslautern


  • Prof. Dr. tech. Hans-Jörg Bart
  • Dr.-Ing. Mark Hlawitschka

External lecturer:

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Zemb (CNRS/INSTN)














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