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Grinding and Dispersing with Stirred Media Mills 2023

27. Februar - 01. März 2023

Braunschweig, Germany

Basic course and workshop


Grinding and dispersing in agitator bead mills is an important process step in many branches of industry. Although the first of these mills were developed as early as the 1950s, knowledge of the physical interrelationships in the mill as well as experience in industrial applications have increased significantly, especially in recent times.

The course provides an overview of the physical and process engineering interrelationships in grinding and dispersing in agitator bead mills. The necessary theoretical basics are explained in detail using equations and experimental example data. In the further course of the course, the participants are taught how this knowledge can be used for the design and optimisation of comminution and dispersion processes. The different types of machines and their areas of application are explained in the course, as are the influences of important operating parameters on the comminution and dispersion results. In addition, the operation of agitator bead mills, the associated particle size analysis and possible challenges, as well as methods for scale-up are presented.



•          State of the art

•          Mill types

•          Particle size analysis



•          Physical relationships

•          Models for process description

•          Process design and optimization


Operation of stirred media mill

•          Influence of different operating parameters

•          Transport behaviour

•          Operation modes

•          Wear behaviour

•          Calculation of maximum production capacity



•          Methods for scale-up

•          Application to example processes


With lectures by

•          Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Kwade

•          Prof. Dr.-Ing. C. Schilde

•          Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Breitung-Faes

•          Dr.-Ing. I. Kampen

•          other members of the Institute for Particle Technology


Course language: English


In cooperation with DECHEMA e.V.



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