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7th International Symposium for Grinding and Dispersing

12.  - 13. Oktober 2011



  7th International Symposium  for Grinding and Dispersing

Braunschweig (Germany), 12-13 October 2011

Symposium information / Programme



Symposium organiser: Prof. Dr.- Ing. A. Kwade

The International Symposium, held biannually, represents an international forum for

  • Manufacturers and users of fine grinding and dispersing devices
  • Industry and Research Institutes
  • Members of different branches (inks, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, fillers, minerals etc.)

No other meeting offers such a valuable opportunity to meet representatives from millling and dispersing device manufacturers as well as mill users from different industries. As a participant of the symposium you will obtain numerous suggestions for design and optimization of your own milling or dispersing process.


  • New developments in fine grinding and dispersing technology including predispersing equipment
  • Milling, dispersing and stabilization of nanoparticles
  • Novel practical applications e.g. from pharmacy
  • New developments in dry grinding processes
  • Recent knowledge in milling operation and performance including usage of simulation methods such as discrete element modeling

With presentations by:

  • Mill and other dispersing machine manufacturers
  • Analytic equipment manufacturers
  • Researchers from industry and university
  • Members of different industries applying mills and dispersing devices to produce high-quality products


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